Buckle up for this one! RAD Chad Roberts in studio, Sarah Dacko from RE Ranger, and Tracy Wright from Dark Horse Shooting!! We call up Sarah Dacko with RE Ranger do discuss their new industry changing RIACT A.I. lenses! These lenses were actually created by using artificial intelligence! Listen in as Sarah explains how they were developed, how they work, and how they will help you break more targets! Don’t forget, all this amazing technology comes with a discount by using the code DEAD PAIR at checkout! If that wasn’t huge enough, we call up Tracy Wright of Dark Horse shooting school to put him in the hot seat for a Questions for the Coaches segment! Tracy is an amazing pro shooter and amazing coach! We will be diving deeper into Tracy in a future episode! And yes, the one and only, RAD Chad Roberts of Break Point Shooting is in studio the whole time for a lot of laughs, a lot of knowledge, and maybe even a little trouble! This is one you don’t want miss !!!

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