Jason Rambo

50 years old. Born and raised in Ohio. I grew up hunting and shooting a little trap. In 1995, I went with my dad to a little conservation club here in Ohio. I was hooked! I shot with my dad every weekend for another 5 years, until the fall of 2000, when I left to pursue racing. I came back to the sport in 2015. Currently in AA class, Owner of Clay Range Design Works, Vice President of the Ohio Sporting Clays Association, and a delegate for the National Sporting Clays Association for the state of Ohio. I am committed to help grow the sport that i love so much!

Sean Alley

Sean Alley enjoys competing in both sporting clays and Fitasc tournaments.  Born and raised in rural Ohio, Sean has been an avid hunter and target shooter most of his life.  In 2017 he became a registered shooter with the NSCA and after shooting his first registered tournament was “hooked” on the sport.  Sean considers himself a “weekend warrior” who shoots as much as his busy schedule allows aside from being a business owner and family man.