Kayle Browning has trained her whole life for the Olympics. All her passion, training and dedication has finally paid off, as she has now earned a Silver medal in the recent Olympic games for shooting! Listen in as we talk to her about her journey, a few surprises along the way, and what it means to her to have accomplished all of this. Plus, we put her on the spot for her future plans! We have a new segment for Barepelt, and this months Barepelt shooter is Bruce Potter. Bruce is now the manager at BlackJack sporting clays in Florida. Although his current position takes most of his time, he still finds time to compete in the sport he loves so very much! We catch up with him and ask him about his vest, what he loves about it, why he decided to buy it and more! We think you will like this new segment, and what its all about. Take a listen to this informative and entertaining episode!

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