Dave answer questions about formula

David McCreery developed QMaxx products to be a superior lubricant and rust preventative for firearms as well as products for marine and fishing worlds. The QMaxx Blu and the Black Diamond formulas are the most popular in the world of sporting clays, and for good reason! Dave joins us to answer questions from how the formula works, which one is best for the application, and what the future holds for QMaxx. We are then joined by Johnathan Hannahoe to discuss the what, where, when, how, and why he went with OtoPro hearing service, after some frustration with his past hearing protection. Then we are joined by none other than, Will Primos (yes, THAT will Primos) of Primos Hunting to discuss why he chooses Woolley Shooting Inc as his choice for firearms! Both testimonials are a must hear, and give you the 411 for our sponsors and why you need their products!

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