New Products on the Horizon

We are joined on the phone by Scott Dixon, Matt Dixon, and Jody Johnson from Rhino chokes, as well as Curt Vaughn of Vaughn precision. This is an interesting take from Curt Vaughn, as someone who was formally a rifle and pistol shooter and competitor that has now been hooked by sporting clays. Curt has amassed over 28,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel and has a reputation for only featuring the best products available. So when he jumped into the sporting world, he has some things to say about those products he is using! The guys from Rhino bring us up to date with thwarts going on over there, and drop some hints as to some new products on the horizon. We will be announcing those products for them soon!

Vaughn Precision – YouTube/channel

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OtoPro Hearing Service

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White Flyer Targets

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