Hosted by RAD Chad!

RAD Chad Roberts hijacks the Dead Pair Podcast for this Sean and Jason  podcast.  We had received tons of questions from listeners, sponsors, and friends, asking us to do a show where we can answer these questions.  After the chaos ensued, we have edited the show down to a moderate level to try and answer all the questions.
   We could not fit all of them into 1 episode, so we sent the questions to Chad and let him pick some. (Maybe another episode with more questions in the future?)
  We never thought that anyone would be that interested in hearing our story, so we humbly agreed to answer what we could.  We hope you enjoy this episode, and maybe get some laughs out of it as well.
   We also feature a Rhino Chokes segment, with young Maddison Galindo!  Maddison is young shooter that has already found value in Rhino Chokes and their products. Although she is just starting her shooting journey, she has some good insight as to why the products work so well for her!

Woolley Shooting Inc

Folded Wing Apparel

OtoPro Hearing Service

Rhino Chokes

RE Ranger





White Flyer Targets

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