Need Hearing Protection

 We are joined in studio once again, by the “sweetheart of sporting clays”, Grace Callahan as we catch up with another Grace, Dr. Grace Sturdivant of OtoPro hearing services.  Dr. Grace has been very busy traveling all of the country helping people with their hearing protection needs, but not to bust to develop a new product to add to her line!  This is a must listen to HEAR about what this new product is! However, she did not stop there! She is also carrying another new product that has outstanding performance as well!
  Not to be outdone, we have Cory Kruse on for this round of Questions for the Coaches, as he answers some questions that were sent to us from listeners.
   All told, this is another interesting, a bit comical, and  informative episode!

OtoPro Hearing Service

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OtoPro Hearing Service

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