A Colorful Personality

There is not a more colorful personality in sporting clays then RAD Chad Roberts! Chad was in town for a clinic that he and David Radulovich had put on. In between the clinic and the Ohio State Championship, he was able to come sit in studio with us to give us his take a variety of topics.
There is not a lot that we didn’t cover with Chad. We hit him on a variety of topics from coaching, techniques and methods, shells, Chad’s working with David, Sean’s lesson with Chad, we covered a lot!
We feature a Barepelt segment with David Kelly, general manager of the South Florida Gun Club. David and South Florida GC were the first club to carry Barepelt vests. David laid down some very important reasons why Barepelt vests are such a value for the club, and himself as a shooter!
There is something for everyone in this episode and hopefully you will get something out of it for you too!

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