Hosting the Ohio State Championship for 2023

Jake Spengler is now the general manager for the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo Ohio. The Cardinal Center is home to the SCTP nationals, and the host of the Ohio State Championship for 2023 and 2024. In light of the record numbers at the recent SCTP Nationals, along with some shooter etiquette issues, and no to mention the up coming Pilgrims shoot at night, we found it important to get Jake in studio to have some discussions. There is some great information that came from these discussions, and some surprises about the upcoming shoots at Cardinal!
Not to be outdone, we had Max McCarthy, the brand manager for Ranger come on to discuss some new products they have on the market, and some that are soon to be out! Ranger has now introduced a new pair of entry level shooting glasses that are a must have for the new shooter, or even the dove hunter!
We followed that up with an Atlas Traps segment with Scott Schnelle of the NRA Whittington Center. Scott has helped build and design clubs and his experience with Atlas traps is a great testimant to Atlas traps. PLUS, he has some really good information about the club he manages.

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