Top Gun

 We call him Make-a-Break Ed, but he is a lot of fun, and to have Ed Prechel join us in studio was an honor! Listen in as we cover his beginnings, what the game is all about, changes that could be coming to the game, and even a movie that they are working on!
   Ed and his team at Top Gun Shooting Sports  have been putting on Make-a-Break and 5 stands all over this country for years, and now they are enhancing the game with lots of new features! Plus, the new movie could be a game changer (no pun intended) for all clay target disciplines!
    We also have Tracey Wright on for a Questions for the Coaches. Tracey answers some great questions that were sent in from across the globe, and his answers are a must hear!!!
Ed Prechel/Top Gun Shooting Sports- – 602-697-4025
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