NSCA National Championship

During a very busy week at the Nationals, we were able to catch up with Michael Hampton Jr, the executive director of the NSCA, Amy Crow, Dominic Bethel owner of the Meadows along with pro shooters Kyle Millwood and Cameron Hicks. We were also able to sit down with husband and wife team, Lindsey and Kyle Chandler for a new Barepelt segment! Although these interviews were somewhat short, our focus was on the championship event itself. However, we have full podcasts planned for the near future with each of these individuals, so stay tuned!

-Rhino Chokes – https://rhinochokes.com

-RE Ranger-https://www.reranger.com


-GAMEGORE US-https://www.gameboreus.com

-ATLAS TRAPS-https://www.atlastraps.com

-NEGRINI CASES-https://negrinicases.com/the-dead-pair/