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 We are joined on the phone by the reigning National Champion and hall of fame inductee Zach Kienbaum and his video producer, Chris Claxton,  to discuss Zach’s new video series: Sporting Clays Foundation and Advanced series.
(EDIT NOTE: There were some phone reception issues in this interview. We did the best we could with editing, but some of the interview is garbled)
   We talk with both of them about the video and what’s in it, what shooters can learn from it, and why they need it. This new instructional video gives something unique that no other instructional video has: An online interaction with the Zach and other students!
   Aside from going in-depth about the instructional videos, we talk with Zach about his shooting, and what has changed for him over the years that helped make him a highly successful competitor, and multi time champion!
   There is a lot of good information in this podcast!!!!!


Zach Kienbaum instructional videos

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