EPS 176, Derrick Mein, Ranger signature series lenses!

Ranger Performance Eyewear is the leader in cutting edge technology when it comes to lenses for shooting eyewear.

EPS 175, Big shoots. Go or No Go ?

We have talked a lot about big money blasts, Regionals, US Open and Nationals on this show. So what’s the big deal? Why should you spend the money to go to a shoot like that?

EPS 174, SCOOPS Live audio covering 2024 World FITASC championship!

This is live audio from our SCOOPS live segment covering the 2024 World FITASC championship from Game Unlimited! This was amazing shoot with lots of great competition, drama, amazing results, and we cover it all! We are joined by David Radulavich and RAD Chad Roberts for a great conversation!

EPS 173, Fiocchi USA CEO, David Blenker + NSCA segment!

We are joined by the CEO of Fiocchi USA, David Blenker, as we cover everything from Ammo shortages, powder and primer shortages and what Fiocchi USA is doing about it.

EPS 172 Eric Trump, Bustin’ Clays with the First Family!

Eric doesn’t just enjoy busting clays, he enjoys all aspects of it, including reloading his own ammo and doing his own gun smithing!

EPS 171, Interviews from the 2024 World Sporting!

Interviews with George Digweed, Richard Faulds, Anthony Matarese, Iain Parker(CEO of CPSA), Reanna Frauens, Grace Corseli, and Amber Brown!

EPS 170, Brandon Powell 2024 World Sporting Clays Champion!

Brandon Powell is the 2024 World Sporting Champion! We talk with him about winning the world championship as well as his thoughts on the event itself.

EPS 169, Ohio State preview w/Christina Loudenslager & Jake Spengler!

The Ohio State Sporting Clays Championship for 2024 is set to be one for the record books! So who better to have on than Ohio Sporting Clays Association president, Christina Loudenslager, vice president Jason Rambo, delegate Sean Alley, and host club general manager, Jake Spengler?

EPS 168, Sleep to win + NSCA Announcement !

Listen in as the good Dr tells us what sleep deprivation can cause and how it affects your body in ways of performance.

EPS 167, Going back in time w/Don Padgett!

Guest Don Padgett joins us for some interesting conversation on What could have been, what should have been, and what can you do now?

EPS 166, R.E.Ranger/Ball & Buck + Q4C w/Anthony Matarese!

RE Ranger is always being innovative, yet stylish with their complete line of performance eyewear. Now, they have collaborated with Ball and Buck to bring you even more options in both style and comfort for both shooting glasses and sunglasses alike.

EPS 165, Dr. Grace of OtoPro answers your questions!

Dr. Grace Sturdivant of OtoPro Technologies (our favorite audiologist) answers your submitted questions on all things hearing.

EPS 164, Qmaxx & Paul Hebert of Wicked Tuna?!?!?!

Qmaxx is the leader in advanced cleaning, lubrication, and protection. If you haven’t heard the news, Qmaxx is in full production once again but this time, they have brought a few people with them.

EPS 163, Joe Bartozzi, President & CEO of NSSF!

Our guest this episode, is Joe Bartozzi, President and CEO of the NSSF. Amongst the many interesting and helpful things we discuss, probably the most fascinating, is the survey that they conduct for shooting sports, and in this case, clay target shooting.

EPS 162, Traveling with your firearm, w/John Commerford & Frank Bruno!

There are a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to traveling with any firearm. But with so many different laws going from state to state.

EPS 161, The Eye Dominance Rail w/Ben Husthwaite, Chad Roberts, and John Gangemi

Many shooters in the clay target world suffer from some form or another of eye dominance. Most can overcome the issues and still be quite successful, while some struggle.

EPS 160, The FACTS about new NSCA rules & changes, w/Mark Baltazar.

Why not get the facts of the new rules and rule changes from the Executive Counsel member that helped make it happen, Mark Baltazar.

EPS 159 Interviews from Jack Links + Florida swing wrap up!

While in attendance at the Jack Links Cup, we were able to get interviews from Braxton Oliver, Todd Hitch, and Steve Fray (CFO of Jack Links).

EPS 158, 2024 Caribbean Classic Interviews + Q4C w/Anthony Matarese !

We got interviews from Brandon Powell, Derrick Mein, Able Spires, Gianna Santo, Brian Palmer, Ashley Casperson, and Jonathan Roberts on the Caribbean Cup and a host of other topics, while in attendance at Vero Beach Clay Shooting Sports, for the 2024 Caribbean Classic!

EPS 157. It’s Never Too Late For Sporting Clays + Q4C w/Tracey Wright!

Every week we push to “Take someone new shooting”, and the influx of new shooters to the sport has been outstanding! But how old is too old? Is there such a thing?

EPS 156, Pete Melloy, 2024 World FITASC Preview !

Game Unlimited in Hudson Wisconsin, will host  the 2024 World FITASC Championship. Who better to ask questions about this event than the man himself Pete Melloy!

EPS 155, Anthony Matarese, remembering Joe Cantey, + World Sporting preview!

It’s never easy losing a friend, but when we do, the best way to honor them is to remember the mark they left on us, and remind others of the great things they have done.

EPS 154, Dianna Muller, How to have the tough conversation!

Dianna Muller has a LONG list of accomplishments, but the one that we should all be most proud of, is her fighting for the second amendment!

EPS 153, DP Blast review w/McGuire, Parker, and Luongo!

The Dead Pair Blast at Vero Beach Clay Shooting Sports was held on December 1st and 2nd 2023.  This was the inaugural event hosted by the Dead Pair Podcast and the club staff.

EPS 152, Winter training with Wendall Cherry!

If there is anyone at the top of the game, that is very thorough in their training, it’s 2023 US Open winner, Wendall Cherry!

EPS 151, Keirsten Sales, a career in Sporting Clays!

Keirsten Sales hales from Okeechobee Florida and after recently graduating high school, she has decided to put college on pause for a year and try to make a go at a career in shooting.

EPS 150, Year End Review PT. 2 w/David “Voo-Doo”lovich!

This is part 2 of 2, of a year-end review. Can’t seem to improve your average? In this episode, we move into overcoming a plateau in your shooting.

EPS 149, Year End Review part 1 w/ David “Voo-Doo”lovich!

This is part 1 of 2, of a year-end review. David “VooDoo”Radulovich joins us in studio and we cover everything from self analysis of your shooting for the year, and new challenges are presented to everyone!

EPS 148, Jonny Carter from TGS Outdoors!

Jonny Carter from TGS outdoors joins us from across the pond, shortly after The National Championship to talk about a variety of topics.

EPS 147, Nationals REVIEW w/Neil Chadwick

We have Neil Chadwick come back on the show, as promised, to ask him what went right, what went wrong, and what changes are needed or coming to prevent the things that went wrong this year.

EPS 146 Atlas Traps & Scorechaser 2.0!

Atlas Traps are American made, with pride, in Benton Kansas. Atlas Traps has the finest clay target equipment made and an unmatched warranty to back it up.

EPS 145, Make-a-Break’s Ed Prechel + Q4C w/Tracy Wright!

 We call him Make-a-Break Ed, but he is a lot of fun, and to have Ed Prechel join us in studio was an honor!

EPS 144, NEW Barepelt products w/Zach, Desi, Erich, & Colleen!

We are joined by Erich Roden and his daughter Colleen, along with Zach and Desi to discuss what it is and how it came to be. This is easily a must-have product and we hope you are as excited about this as we are!

EPS 143, Shawn Kemeter & Blaize Whitehead, The Dynamic Duo!

Shawn Kemeter and Blaize Whitehead are 2 friends from Pennsylvania, that travel and compete together, and they’re back and fourth banter can be hilarious!

PS 142, Brad Kidd interviews Ben Husthwaite !

We were asked by Brad Kidd Jr. if he could interview Ben Husthwaite on our show. Brad wanted to ask Ben specific questions that had not been talked about on a podcast or interview previously.

PS 141, The Florida Swing Preview!

The Florida swing is a group of big blast shoots that takes place every winter in Florida.

EPS 140, Buckeye Champions!!

Now the 3rd largest state shoot in the country, with a payouts over $32,000.00, and some of the best targets and hospitality in the nation

EPS 139, Nationals Preview w/Neil Chadwick !

Neil Chadwick joins us to break down what’s new and what’s changing for the National Championship, as well as the new details over the Super Squad coverage.

EPS 138. The Art of Target Setting, w/Joe Scull & Dawn Grant in studio!

Setting good targets is an art, and takes a lot more than you think to do it right. With tournaments being labeled as “two soft” or “too hard” lately, it was time to get an interview with someone that is an authority on the subject matter.

EPS 137, A Mental Journey, w/Chad Roberts & Dawn Grant in studio!

Everyone has their struggles in clay target shooting, but every once in a while, it’s time to hit the reset button. Enter Chad Roberts and Dawn Grant, in studio!

EPS 136 The Average Joe’s

We are joined on the phone by Moe Ittayem, Todd Archambeault, Brad Grantham, and Henning Mathew.

EPS 135, World Champion Haylyn Hanks, and co-guest, Brad Kidd!

We catch up with Haylyn Hanks fresh off of her win in Hungry for the World FITASC Championship, where she has claimed the ladies championship title!

EPS 134 New Ranger RIACT lenses + Brian Palmer in studio!

We are joined on the phone by Amy Bean of Ranger Performance Eyewear to discuss the new Ultimate light RIACT AI lenses!

EPS 133, California State Championship, w/interviews!

The 2023 California State Sporting Clays Championship was one for the record books this year, as they exceeded previous years attendance.

EPS 132, Firearm Insurance w/S.I.A.I. + Q4C w/Cory Kruse!

We never think too much about insurance, until we need it! Sportsman’s Insurance Agency Inc specializes in firearm, gun club, and instructor insurance, and the company was formed specifically for NSSA back in 1991.

EPS 131, Kaitlyn Koenig + Q4C w/John Woolley!

The young Kaitlyn Koenig is an up an coming shooter currently hailing from Florida and is transitioning from the skeet world and into sporting clays.

EPS 130, 2023 Ohio State preview w/ Ricky Marshal, Jake Spengler, & Zach Nannini

The Ohio State Championship is a highly coveted shoot for multiple reasons. This year, to add to the experience, there is an additional $32k of guaranteed purse

EPS 129, Miss Gianna Santo!

Gianna made the ladies Super Squad last year, and has already qualified for the Super Squad again this year for the National Sporting Clays Championship in October.

EPS 128, N.C. Regional preview + Q4C w/Kevin DeMichiel !

We are joined on the phone by Brett Seibert, of Northbrook Sports Club in Hainesville IL to talk about what you can expect for the North Central Regional.

EPS 127, pt 2, Derrick Mein & RAD Chad Roberts in studio!

We took full advantage of the visit and lit the mic’s up to capture this conversation. But it was a long one, so we broke it into 2 parts.

EPS 126, pt 1, Derrick Mein & RAD Chad Roberts in studio!

Where can we begin with Derrick Mein? Derrick is a multi time All American, National Champion, World Champion and an Olympian! He competes in sporting, trap, skeet, bunker, and his list of accomplishments is way too much to print here!

EPS 125, Catching up w/Ben Husthwaite!

Ben Husthwaite has had a lot of changes in his life since we had him on the show 2 years ago.

EPS 124, Tournament cost breakdown + Q4C w/Cory Kruse!

So you just paid $95 to shoot 100 registered targets. Why does it cost that much? Where does that money go? Why does the cost for registered tournaments keep increasing? We ask all those questions and much more!

EPS 123, The Blaser F-16 PRO, w/Cory Kruse and Rhino Chokes!

The all new Blaser F-16 pro model was developed by Rhino Chokes and Cory Kruse to give the shooter an out-of-the-box-ready competition shotgun.

EPS 122, 2023 US Open Interviews !!

Interviews with Anthony Matarese Jr, Ben McAnally, Cory Kruse, John Calandro, Greg Wolf, Clint Hinton, Clayton Nance, Travis Mears, Alec Sedlacheck, David Radulovich, hosted by RAD Chad Roberts

EPS 121, Zach Kienbaum & Chris Claxton Sporting Clays Instructional video.

We are joined on the phone by the reigning National Champion and hall of fame inductee Zach Kienbaum and his video producer, Chris Claxton, to discuss Zach’s new video series: Sporting Clays Foundation and Advanced series

EPS 120, Golf cart or sideXside, w/Joey Hill of EZGO/Textron

It seems like a never ending topic. Golf cart or side x side? But what are the pros and cons of each? Enter Joey Hill of EZGO golf carts.

EPS 119. California State Championship preview!

The California state championship has a lot of payout, great targets, and a few surprises for you as well

EPS 118, Q4C Smackdown w/Dawn Grant!

When we went to the mail bag to get Questions for the Coaches for Dawn Grant, we were overwhelmed by the number of emails we had.

EPS 117, NYPD Shotgun Team + Q4C w/Kevin DeMichiel!

If you go to a big sporting clays event on the East coast, you are sure to see the NYPD Shotgun Team on the course! But, who are they? What do they do?

EPS 116, Being down classed

We are joined by Melanie Parker and Paul Prucka as these two shooters have been back and fourth between Masters and AA class several times.

EPS 115, Part 2, Radulovich and Rambo solve the worlds problems!

This is part 2 of the Radulovich and Rambo solve the worlds problems. Part 1 is over on the Journey podcast.

EPS 114, Fiocchi USA + HUGE announcement !!

We have some big news for everyone! We address the news first, then we dive right into Fiocchi USA!

EPS 113, The Path part 4, Planning shoots, w/Casey Chase!

Whether you are a seasoned competitor that travels the country, or you are new to traveling to shoots, there is something for everyone to learn in this episode.

EPS 112, Any clay target, w/Ricky Marshall Jr.

We dig into what it takes for Ricky Marshall to compete at such a high level across all disciplines for both mental and physical stamina

EPS 111, A story you must HEAR to believe!

Dr. Grace Sturdivant, of OtoPro Tecnologies, sent us an email saying that she had a shocking, yet important story for our listeners.

Eps 110, Workout your game, with Lashley Fitness

Ian Lashley of Lashley Training center joins us in studio to talk about the “work out for clay target shooting” that he has put together with the help of the Dead Pair Podcast!

EPS 109, The Florida Swing!

The months of January, February, and March are filled with great shoots in the state of Florida!

EPS 108, Ladies National Champ, Haylyn Hanks!

Haylyn put all the pieces together this year to win her first National Championship and we dove into what it was for her this year.

EPS 107 The New SHOTKAM Gen4, w/David Stewart

Never being satisfied with their current model, this company strives to stay on the cutting edge of technology to ensure to maximize your experience while using the devise.

EPS 106, The PATH pt3, analyzing performance w/the RAD’s

How do you judge your progress? How well are you doing? What can you do better? Where can you improve your game?

EPS 105, Understanding the mental game w/Tracy Wright!

Tracy’s approach to shooting and coaching his students is something that we all should pay attention to!

EPS 104, The PATH pt2, Goal Setting + OtoPro segment!

We have an excerpt from a phone conversation that we had with Cory Kruse, as he gives us his insight on goal setting.

EPS 103, Catching up w/Cory Kruse + Barepelt segment !

We sit down with Cory Kruse just after the National Championship to get his thoughts on the event, his performance, and what he is planning moving forward.

EPS 102, The SUPER SQUAD breakdown, Mark Baltazar, Justin Barker, & Chris Claxton!

The Super Squad highlight shows and live coverage were new this year for the Nationals.

Episode 101, Radulovich and Roberts Shotgun Clinic

David Radulovich and Chad Roberts held a shotgun clinic at the Cardinal Center in Marengo Ohio, and we were there to capture it.

Episode 100, The PATH part 1,+ Woolley segment !

The goal is to help you, as a shooter, understand where you are at, why it’s ok to be where you are, but understand what its going to take to get to the next level.

EPS 99, New Barepelt products, OtoPro raffle/shoot, Merry Miracles shoot !

First, we are honored to have Will Primos and Dr. Grace Sturdivant from OtoPro on to discuss their shoot to support Magnolia Speech school, and how you can win a F3 Blaser!

EPS 98, A brutally honest interview w/Clint Hinton!

Clint Hinton is another top level competitor out of the Georgia hot bed of shooters.

EPS 97, We get Scull’d w/Joe Scull + Rhino & Atlas segments

Joe had a lot to offer on this episode! He gives us his opinion on everything from tournament targets, to the current state of the game in general.

EPS 96, Robert Crow of White Flyer Targets + Woolley and OtoPro segments!

With all the things we talk about across all disciplines of clay target shooting, the clay target itself is seldom thought or talked about.

EPS 95, Matt Miller’s journey to the top + Barepelt segment!

Matt’s personal life is very relatable to a lot of people. Career, family, building a house, and of course, shooting.

Episode 94, Jake Spengler w/Cardinal Center, + RE Ranger, and Atlas Traps!

In light of the record numbers at the recent SCTP Nationals, along with some shooter etiquette issues, and no to mention the up coming Pilgrims shoot at night, we found it important to get Jake in studio to have some discussions.

Episode 93, The book Straight Shooting w/Anthony Matarese Jr.!

Anthony Matarese Jr., recently released his book “Straight Shooting, a World Champion’s Guide to Shotgunning”

Episode 92, A sit down w/Justin Barker!

Justin was the first to produce a sporting clays dedicated podcast, and was even instrumental in the start of the Dead Pair podcast.

Episode 91, Stephen Lamboy of Negrini, + Q4C w/Dawn Grant!

Regardless if you need a TSA approved travel case for your shotgun, glasses, ammo, or even your fishing rod, they have it and they have it in style!

Episode 90, RAD Chad Roberts in studio + Barepelt segment.

There is not a lot that we didn’t cover with Chad. We hit him on a variety of topics from coaching, techniques and methods, shells.

Episode 89, RMHC / Kids-&-Clays + Rhino segment !

These 2 great organizations hold charity shoots that raise donations for a great cause, the gathering of shooters for a fun event, and the introduction of new shooters to the game!

Episode 88, Getting in tune, with Wendell Cherry!

We asked questions and dove deep with Wendell to get his take on several different topics.

Episode 87, New products from OtoPro, w/Dr. Grace + Q4C w/ Cory Kruse!

This is a must listen to HEAR about what this new product is! However, she did not stop there! She is also carrying another new product that has outstanding performance as well!

Episode 86, The always fun, Grace Callahan in studio + Barepelt segment!

Grace joins us in-studio to discuss everything from how she got started, SCTP, her thoughts on the current climate of the game, training, mental game, we cover it all!

Episode 85, Down & dirty w/The Dead Pair gang.

We never thought that anyone would be that interested in hearing our story, so we humbly agreed to answer what we could.

Episode 84, Brett Seibert of Northbrook Sports Club + OtoPro segment!

Brett also has his own take on tournaments, the current direction of sporting clays, AFS, and much more!  Listen in to see why you should not only be attending the North Central Regional, but visit Northbrook on a more frequent basis!

Episode 83, George Digweed MBE, Paul James of Gamebore UK, + Segments!

We have the man that needs no introduction, multiple time world champion, George Digweed MBE and Paul James, director of Gamebore UK on with us to talk about a variety of topics.

Episode 82, Brad Kidd Jr, + Woolley Shooting segment!

Brad “the one wheel peel” is always a good conversation, and his opinions on things are always straight forward!

Episode 81, The MidwayUSA foundation + Barepelt segment!

In 2007, Larry Potterfield, his wife, Brenda, founded the MidwayUSA Foundation in order to help communities and organizations raise money for education and youth shooting activities.

Episode 80, 2022 US Open video coverage and interviews!

We have interviews with Cory Kruse, Rick Hemmingway, Josh McBrayer, Frank Bruno, Devin Anderson, Alex Clark, Grace Callahan, and Dawn Grant, all hosted by RAD Chad Roberts!!

Episode 79, Rhino chokes and Vaughn Precision round table!

This week we are joined on the phone by Scott Dixon, Matt Dixon, and Jody Johnson from Rhino chokes, as well as Curt Vaughn of Vaughn precision.

Episode 78, Scorechaser 411 w/Casey Chase + Barepelt segment!

We have Casey Chaser, creator of Scorechaser, on the show to help you understand and navigate the scorechaser site to help assist you in signing up for tournaments.

Episode 77, Ohio State preview, Q4C w/Kevin DeMichiel + Ranger segment!

We have Shawn Spindel, general manager for the Hill N Dale club in Medina Ohio, on the phone with us to lay down the 411 on everything you need for the upcoming Ohio State Sporting Clays Championship.

Episode 76, Indiana State preview + Tina Jewell + Rhino/Negrini segments!

First we had Bobby Brooks from the Sporting Club at the Farm and then we are joined by 19x All American, Tina Jewell ! Tina has been shooting competitively for over 25 years.

Episode 75, QMaxx products + OtoPro and Woolley segments!

David McCreery developed QMaxx products to be a superior lubricant and rust preventative for firearms as well as products for marine and fishing worlds.

Episode 74, Dawn Grant’s take on mental focus, + Atlas and Rhino segments!

After listening to the 2 episodes we did with David Radulovich on mental focus, Dawn Grant had some VERY valuable information she wanted to add.

Episode 73, Folded Wing Apparel, Q4C w/Cory Kruse, RE Ranger and Negrini segments!

Folded Wing Apparel to branch out into the sporting clays market, and will be developing apparel for shooting!

Episode 72, Shelby Moon + Barepelt and OtoPro segments!

Team Kreighoff shooter, Shelby Moon hales from Loganville GA. and has been mentored along the way by the likes of Kevin DeMichael and Desi Edmonds.

Episode 71, Mental Focus w/David Radulovich part 2!

We go a little beyond mental focus, and discuss frustration, goals. strengths, weaknesses and much more, in part 2 with David Radulovich.

Episode 70, Mental Focus w/David Radulovich

Everyone has trouble staying focussed during a tournament, especially on multiple day events.

Episode 69, Shotkam w/David & Emily Stewart

With a background in computers, David Stewart found a need to mount a camera on a shotgun to help his son become a better shooter.

Episode 68, BIG Hoss + Negrini & OtoPro segments!

In this episode, our guest known as “BIG HOSS”, breaks down how and why journaling has been so beneficial to him in sporting clays, and why you should consider it!

Episode 67, Kyle Millwood w/producer Julie Rambo+Barepelt & RE Ranger segments!

We catch up with Kyle and cover a variety of topics about his game, his opinions on some topics in sporting clays, and even his new coaching venture!

Episode 66 NSCA Executive Director, Michael Hampton Jr.

This podcast is very informative, and Michael gives us some insights on things that might be surprising to you! Be sure to pay attention to this one!

Episode 65, Bill McGuire + RE Ranger segment !

We caught up with Bill while he was down in Florida coaching and got his opinion on a variety of topics in our sport.

Episode 64, Joel Dondis part II, Answering your questions!

Joel has received several questions from the first podcast he did with us and a lot of the answers are good information for everyone.

Episode 63, Rising stars with Griffin Howe & Maddy McFarland!!

When it comes to up and coming stars in sporting clays, a quick glance on social media or at the score sheets, and there are 2 names that always seem to be at the top! Griffin Howe and Maddy McFarland!

Episode 62, Catching up with Anthony Matarese Jr.

When it comes to coaching for sporting clays and FITASC in the USA, there is one name that instantly demands attention. Anthony Matarese Jr!

Episode 61, Bustin’ clays with Guy Fieri !

The host of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, Guy Fieri not only loves food, but he loves his Atlas traps! What started out as a segment for Atlas traps, quickly turned into a short podcast with Guy.

Episode 60, The Trident Cup with Dominic Bethel

We catch up with Dominic Bethel, owner of the Meadows, to discuss the upcoming Trident cup and a whole host of other topics!

Episode 59, Texas State Sporting clays with Ben McAnally

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and when it comes to sporting clays, there is no doubt that it is huge!

Episode 58, Couples in shooting with the Parker’s and the Prucka’s

Couples are becoming more prevalent in sporing clays, and for good reason! Listen in as we discuss with Malcom and Melanie Parker as well as Paul and Rosanne Prucka, why sporting clays has brought them closer together.

Episode 57 The American Field Sporting Gamebore Invitational

David Radulovich and Kayle Browning hosted the first ever American Field Sporting Gamebore invitational at Cypress Creek shooting lodge in Greenbrier Arkansas.

Episode 56, Pilgrim’s shoot at night with interviews!

Cardinal Center’s Pilgrim’s shoot at night coverage with David Radulovich, Erich Roden, Lesly Ramirez, Cameron DiBarto, Rosanna Prucka, and Paul Periti !

Episode 55, Christian Crawford in studio!

Cristian Crawford made the trip up from his hometown of Marietta Georgia to the night shoot at the Cardinal center.

Episode 54. Whats coming in 2022 for American Field Sporting

We sit down with Mark Baltazar and he gives us the complete run down on whats coming in 2022 for American Field Sporting.

Episode 53, Chef Joel Dondis, Eating to win!

World Class chef Joel Dondis has not only been from the bottom to the very top of the food industry, but has worked his way up to Masters class in sporting clays, working with David Radulovich along the way.

Episode 52, NSCA National Championship interviews + Barepelt segment!

During a very busy week at the Nationals, we were able to catch up with Michael Hampton Jr, the executive director of the NSCA, Amy Crow, Dominic Bethel owner of the Meadows along with pro shooters Kyle Millwood and Cameron Hicks.

Episode 51, Krieghoff shotguns w’Alex Diehl and Kevin DeMichiel !!

Krieghoff shotguns is probably one of the most recognized names in sporting guns. But with all the options available, it can be confusing when shopping for that big purchase.

Episode 50, OtoPro Technologies w/Dr. Grace Sturdivant and new Barepelt segment!

Dr. Grace Sturdivant of OtoPro Technologies joins us to simplify some of this information, as well as tell some of the awesome products they offer.

Episode 49, Caesar Guerini & Syren with Grace Callahan !

In this episode we continue with another shotgun manufacturer, Caesar Guerini and Syren shotguns. We are joined by Andrew Wertenberger, gunsmith, and one of their pros shooters, the ever happy, Grace Callahan!

Episode 48. Sporting clays 101, with Dustin Maroon!

Sitting along with us in studio is master class shooter Dustin Maroon who is not only a top level competitor locally, but has also taken lessons from Anthony Matarese Jr, Wendall Cherry and Dan Bailey.

Episode 47, Upcoming Ohio State AFS Championship & Q4C w/John Woolley!

Dan Bailey and Christina Loudenslager from Eagles Nest sporting grounds, join us in studio for this episode to discuss the upcoming inaugural American Field Sporting, Ohio State championship!

Episode 46 Jasper Copelan and Jake Spengler in studio!

Jasper Copelan is a up and coming star out of Eatonton Georgia. In just a very short time in the pro ranks, he has already won a number of big shoots including the American Field Sporting National championship!

Episode 45, Beretta shotguns w/Rich Cole, Joe Fanizzi, & Dominic Gross!

Beretta îs a company that has been around for over 500 and we see it fit to include them in a short list of shotgun manufacturers at the top of the game.

Episode 44 Tracy Wright and Q4C w/Dawn Grant !

Tracy Wright of Dark Horse Shooting School is an incredible shooter and coach from the state of Washington.

Episode 43- Olympic medalist shooter Kayle Browning plus a new Barepelt segment!!

Kayle Browning has trained her whole life for the Olympics. All her passion, training and dedication has finally paid off, as she has now earned a Silver medal in the recent Olympic games for shooting!

Episode 42, The sporting club at the Farm, & Q4C w/Kevin DeMichiel!

The Sporting club at the Farm is the brainchild of Bobby Brooks. Having traveled the country and shot at a great many venues, Bobby knew what he wanted to do and how he wanted to do it.

Episode 41, Ohio Sporting Clays Championship with Jon Kruger!!!

The Ohio state Sporting Clays Championship has always been a very coveted shoot, and this year was no different! John Kruger was on hand to set the targets along with Shawn Spindel and the staff at Hill’nDale Club in Medina Ohio.

Episode 40, HUGE RE Ranger news, Q4C w/Tracy Wright, and RAD Chad Roberts in studio!

Buckle up for this one! RAD Chad Roberts in studio, Sarah Dacko from RE Ranger, and Tracy Wright from Dark Horse Shooting!!

Episode 39, with Rhino chokes and Cory Kruse !

This round table discussion covers one of the most talked about topics when it comes to sporting clays equipment, which is chokes. But we didn’t stop there.

Episode 38, Airport Ridge sporting clays and David Radulovich!

We are joined in studio by Paul Weaver, owner of the new Airport Ridge Sporting clays in Millersburg Ohio!

Episode 37 with Haylyn Hanks and Barepelt in studio!

We are joined in studio by Barepelt founders Erich and Heather Roden as we call up Haylyn Hanks to touch on a variety of topics!

Episode 36. with legend John Woolley!

Although currently residing in St Augustine Florida, John Woolley is originally from England, having come to the United States in 1991.

Episode 35, Blaser shotguns with Chad Roberts!

Blaser shotguns has become a staple for many shooters in sporting clays, skeet, and trap.

Episode 34, Eagles Nest sporting grounds, with Dan Bailey & Christina Loudenslager

We are joined in studio with one of Ohio’s premier sporting grounds owners Dan Bailey and manager Christina Loundenslager!

Episode 33, The “Bad Boy” of sporting clays, Ben Husthwaite!

We sit down with one of the most controversial shooters in the sport! Ben Husthwaite joins us from across the pond to take our questions ranging from his shooting instruction and how his online presence has grown, to the 2019 World English at Northbrook!

Episode 32, with Braxton Oliver !

Braxton Oliver is a multiple time all American, 5x Team USA, 2x Team USA gold and a North Carolina state champion.

Episode 31, Sarah Dacko of RE Ranger & Q4C with Dawn Grant!

You can’t hit what you can”t see, and Sarah Dacko explains how all the great products at RE Ranger Performance Eyewear can help you see the target clearly!

Episode 30 with Shawn Spindel, Rich and Jona Cole, and Q4C with Bill Elliott

Shawn Spindel from the Hill-N-Dale gun club in Medina Ohio joins us to talk about the upcoming Ohio State sporting clays championship shoot. Shawn gives you everything you need to know for attending this event, and drops some surprises along the way! (Wait until you her who the target setter is!).

Episode 29, Cory Kruse and Q4C with Chad Roberts!

We are joined on the phone by National and World champion Cory Kruse! Cory has a story that most of can relate to, being a family man and having a full time job, Cory still has a passion for sporting clays!

Episode 28, Brad Kidd, Mark Baltazar, and Q4C with Dawn Grant !

Mark Baltazar joins us to discuss the upcoming American Field Sporting National Championship at Northbrook, what to expect, and all of the cool prizes and side events!

Episode 27, Kids and Clays, and Q4C with Kevin DeMichiel!

We are joined in studio by Doug Jeanneret, Executive Director of Kids and Clays and Eric McGrath from the Akron house for Kids And Clays.

Episode 26, PART 2 of 2, Titans debate with Anthony Matarese and David Radulovich

This is Part 2 of 2 of the “Titans debate with Anthony Matarese and David Radulovich.. Anthony and David are both world champions and have won everything in between. They are unarguably 2 of the biggest names in the USA in sporting clays. They both have somewhat different styles of teaching and their answers to our questions were not only interesting but extremely informative! This is part 2 of 2. These 2 episodes are something you are going to want to reference for years to come!

Episode 25: Part 1 of 2. The Titans debate with Anthony Matarese and David Radulovich

We sit down with 2 of the biggest names in sporting clays to debate coaching styles and techniques, to get a deep understanding of what you, the shooter, needs to look for in a coach. Anthony and David are both world champions and have won everything in between. They are unarguably 2 of the biggest names in the USA in sporting clays. They both have somewhat different styles of teaching and their answers to are questions were not only interesting but extremely informative! This is part 1 of 2. These 2 episodes are something you are going to want to reference for years to come!

Episode 24 with Jim Greenwood and Q4C with Mike Luongo!

Gun fit is one of the most important aspects of any shooters game and no one understands this more than Jim Greenwood. Jim joins us to discuss the importance of proper gun fit, what proper gun fit is and what it should look like, custom stocks and much more! Mike Luongo joins us for Questions for the Coaches and gives us some of his excellent knowledge to some really great questions from the fans!

Episode 23 with Dawn Grant, mental trainer and hypnotist

They say that sporting clays is 95% mental. But what are you doing to train your mind? Dawn Grant, who is a mental trainer and hypnotist, comes on the show to discuss how she can help you with your sporting clays game and so much more! She has specific downloads and programs for sporting clays shooters and has worked with some of the top pros in the game! Not too mention, world class athletes from other sports as well! This is an episode that is so valuable to your game!!!! Dawn Grant -Author 7 Strokes In 7 Days, -Mental Trainer & Hypnotist, -Owner & Operator Amelia Shotgun Sports, -Inventor Mind Mastered, -Co-Founder & President Joy To The Children www.DawnGrant.com www.AmeliaShotgunSports.com www.MindMastered.com www.JoyToTheChildren.com

Episode 22 with Amy Cawley and Q4C with Bill Elliott !

Paolo Zoli is the president and CEO of Zoli shotguns. Listen in as he tells us the history behind Zoli shotguns, and what makes them stand out from the rest! Paolo loves to hunt and shoot himself, and his passion for shotguns shows! This was a very interesting and informative conversation! Dominic Bethel from the Meadows comes on to discuss the upcoming Southeast Regional and all of the cool things that he is offering at this regional, some of which have never been done at a regional before! This is an event you are going to want to attend! Listen to what Dominic has in store for you and you will surely be on Scorechaser to reserve your spot!

Episode 21, With Paolo Zoli and Dominic Bethel !

Paolo Zoli is the president and CEO of Zoli shotguns. Listen in as he tells us the history behind Zoli shotguns, and what makes them stand out from the rest! Paolo loves to hunt and shoot himself, and his passion for shotguns shows! This was a very interesting and informative conversation! Dominic Bethel from the Meadows comes on to discuss the upcoming Southeast Regional and all of the cool things that he is offering at this regional, some of which have never been done at a regional before! This is an event you are going to want to attend! Listen to what Dominic has in store for you and you will surely be on Scorechaser to reserve your spot!

Episode 20 with Erich Roden of BAREPELT and Julia Stallings!

We are joined by Erich Roden, who has invented a new shooting vest design that is like no other! Erich has chosen the Dead Pair podcast to announce his new company, BAREPELT, which makes their vests right here in the USA! Listen in as we discuss all e great features of this vest, that you…

Episode 19 – Kevin DeMichiel & Q4C w/Mike Luongo

We catch up with Kevin DeMichiel as he and friend Bill McQuire were on there way down to Tampa Bay Sporting clays to put on a clinic. Kevin is always up front with his opinions and knowledge and he gives us both in this episode! We cover topics from his shooting styles, gun configurations, to…

Episode 18, Sean Mainland, Scott Graham, Gebben Miles

We are joined on the phone by Sean Mainland, who is the director of operations, sales, and marketing at Kolar Arms as we talk about the new gun Kolar is producing, the “lost gun” and some of the manufacturing process that Kolar goes through. We are joined in studio by Scott Graham, founder and CEO…

Episode 17, Derrick Mein and Bill Elliot!!

With Bill Elliott​ and Derrick Mein!​ Derrick is a multi time World and National champion in FITASC and Sporting, and is currently qualified for the Olympics in bunker trap to represent the USA! No matter if it is halice, trap, skeet, sporting, FITASC, or bunker trap, Derrick has earned titles in all of it !…

Episode 16. The 2021 Gator Cup!

An episode with great information from Melanie Parker, Josh Taylor, Diane Sorantino, and Anthony Matarese, from the 2021 Gator Cup! Sean asks everything from how to approach certain targets, and pre-shot routines, to overall improving your shooting. Melanie even drops info on a new gun from Kolar arms! This is an episode that you will…

Episode 15, The American Field Sporting, Gamebore classic !

The American Field Sporting, Gamebore classic is a short series with some amazing opportunities for shooters of all skill levels to compete against the best and win some truly great prizes!! Listen in as we have Mark Baltazar, David Radulovich, Doug Kuykendahl, and Dwight Lumpkins walk you through this awesome series!

Episode 14 with Turner Parcell and Mike Luongo !

Mike Luongo and one of his protege’s, Turner Parcell, join us to discuss Turner’s journey through the SCTP and making the sub-junior All American team! Mike gives us his thoughts on the current state of the NSCA and the SCTP.. This is a very informative and interesting podcast that you don’t want to miss !!!

Episode 13, part 4 of the GEAR series

Stephen Lamboy of Negrini cases talks with us about the technology behind their fine Italian gun cases and why you need one! Very interesting history of the company and what it takes to protect your firearm. The guys from KL ammo talk about

Episode 12-Cardinal center’s Jake & Luke Spengler in studio

The Dead Pair is joined in-studio by the Spengler brothers, Jake and Luke, from the Cardinal Center. We cover everything from the upcoming events at the Cardinal center to what the future holds there, a possible Dead Pair podcast shoot, and Jake offers a corporate membership to a lucky listener! We had a lot of…

Episode 11 part 3 of the GEAR series with Atlas traps and Morgan optical

Sean and Jason catch up with Scott Manspeaker from Atlas traps to talk about the variety of traps Atlas offers, why they stands out from the rest and a discount for Dead Pair listeners! Wayne Morgan from Morgan optical talks about everything from new lens technology, colors and coatings for shooting glasses..and he also offers…

Episode 10 David Radulovich, Joe Fanizzi, and Ryan Harper

David Radulovich sits in studio as we call up Ryan Harper and Joe Fanizzi and discuss Sean’s upcoming trip to the Gator cup. Listen in as we talk to Ryan about his journey to the top, everything from college to Gator cup with Joe, and as we put David in the hot seat!

Episode 9, Mike Hampton executive director of the NSCA-NSSA

We talk with Mike Hampton, executive director of the NSCA to ask many ailing questions for new and seasoned shooters alike. Christian Seybert sits in studio, and we draw names for the NSCA membership giveaway!!

Episode 8, Part 2 of the GEAR series!

The Dead Pair has Gary Lemanski from ProEars and Steven Kawamoto from Wild Hare Shooting gear on to discuss their products for the gear series. THEY BOTH OFFER OUR LISTENERS DISCOUNTS! But you have to listen to get the discounts!!

Episode 7 – Bill Elliot, David Radulovich, and Scott Graham.

The Dead Pair has Bill Elliot in studio to talk about coaching, winter training and what we can do to prepare., as David Radulovich calls in to discuss retirement, his new training facility and more!, We call Scott Graham from C-4 Shooting center to talk about some exciting things happening there!

Episode 6 With Gebben Miles and Karen Shedd

Jason and Sean caught up with world and National Champion Gebben Miles and his protégé Karen Shed as they were leaving the Southeast regional. Gebben is a multi-time world and national champion and has teamed up with one of his students, Karen Shedd, for their new coaching efforts. Listen in as Karen and Gebben talk…

Episode 5 – Young Guns

Sean and Jason are joined in-studio by former SCTP shooters Trace Hatfield, Sam Lecras and Sam’s father Tim Lecras who discuss their journey from the SCTP and now transitioning into their College shooting teams as well as competing in NSCA Tournaments.

Episode 4 – Florida State Shoot 2020

Jason returns from his journey to the Florida State Shoot to tell us all about his trip and the tournament. While there he snags one on one interviews from Rollins Brown and Kemble DuPont, Gebbin Miles and Karen Shed, Chris Farris, Mike Luongo, and one of the very best target setters in the country, Rick…

Episode 3 – The Gear Series EP1 – The Gun

The Dead Pair crew talks about one of the most fun topics of all…the gun! Sean and Jason join Jim Eyster, a world-renowned gunsmith and overall shotgun guru, Jim shares his knowledge about what new shooters should be looking for in their first target gun as well as cleaning and maintenance items every shooter should…


CHAD ROBERTS AND MALCOLM PARKER join Sean and Jason to discuss tips and tricks for traveling with your gun and gear to local tournaments as well as flying with your gun to out of state tournaments. Why? Jason is making a special trip somewhere….listen to find out where!

Episode 1 – Introductions and coverage of the Pilgrim Night Shoot at Cardinal Center, Marengo Ohio

Our first episode includes a brief introduction of the hosts and a description of the purpose of our new podcast project. Then, we take you to coverage of the Pilgrim Night Shoot at The Cardinal Center where we interview Club managers Jake and Luke Spengler along with various shooters to get their thoughts and opinions…